Fire safety systems


Fire detection and alarm system’s basic function are recording and notification of the risk of fire – smoke, high temperature or the presence of fire in the protected site.

If necessary, the fire alarm system can be equipped with a voice warning system.

In public buildings such as schools and supermarkets fire detection and alarms are mandatory. Such institutions are most often also installed a voice warning system. Fire detection and alarm system at Latvian construction laws also must be installed in construction sites.

These systems provide information to life-threatening situations.


Indoors regularly hold large numbers of people, it is necessary to provide a clear and unambiguous communication and sound system, or a way to communicate in the room, for example in case of fire.

In such cases, a notification system can help to save people from risk and effectively manage people to safety, following the evacuation process.

In case of emergency It’s possible to notify responsible person without any misunderstanding to act.


Automation smoke exhaust system is a system, that in case of fire, control air flow to the premises or building.

The system is based on the fire detection and alarm center with connected smoke hatches or windows, which controls the automatic opening or closing, as well as ventilation equipment that is being switched on or off at the time of fire detection.

Such a system limits fire spread speed in the building, as well as to control the smoke saturation spaces through which people need to get out of the building, thus avoiding smoke poisoning.

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