Indoors regularly hold large numbers of visitors, it is necessary to provide a clear and unambiguous communication and sound system or a way to communicate in the room, for example, in case of fire.

In such cases, a notification system can help in saving people from risk, effectively managing safety, following the evacuation process.

During emergency there It’s possible to notify responsible person without any misunderstanding to act.


Nowadays, when the flow of information is increasing, organizations have necessity for the efficient operation of local area network. It combines computers, phones and periferials.

Buildings, office complexes wired with structured cable system has universal signal transmission of all type’s, this includes sound, data and video signal transmission.

Based on the output data analysis, customer expectations and regulatory requirements we provide the optimum solution for the facility.


CCTV system provides complex buildings or other guarded areas with permanent visual control assistance 24 hours a day.

One of the biggest advantages of video surveillance systems is that they help not only to provide information on the location of the crime, the circumstances and the visible rogues, but also their external characteristics, which help the relevant authorities to work more efficiently capturing them.

The core system consists of: Video cameras recording devices monitor (not required)

Video surveillance systems have the ability to recognize the car’s license plate, such a system is connected to a computer program, thus registering them in the database. Such a system makes it possible to control drive-way territory.


Security system provides immediate transmission of information to a person or the security company, if there has been an unauthorized penetration of protected object. This system gives everyone the opportunity to feel secure about their property.

This system is able to connect with computer systems, access control systems, video surveillance and building management systems, connecting systems together by their efficient use.

If the facility has a security system installed, object premium price may fall.


Access control system is considered to be one of the most effective security systems. It’s able to protect property and to keep up with the flow of people across the territory, building of premises that are equipped with the system elements. Such system would divide access to the premises, buildings and other areas after the user groups, which is determined using specialized software.

Such system’s features are:

  • Keeping record of persons who had access to, or emerge from the object (Time and Attendance)
  • Security staff control
  • Controlled access to each room, building or area

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