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There is a set of measures intended for the public and private sectors providing consumers with electricity. Power supply can be centralized and autonomous.

The centralized power of the consumer and the object connection trunk urban networks, which receives power from the hydroelectric power station, CHP and other energy resources.

Autonomous power supply is a power supply, which depends on external electricity and provides connection to power sources, which may be gas generators, gas generators, solar collectors for the etc.

Wiring a power supply component. Wiring consists of cables, wires, sockets, switches, lamps and other elements. Wiring is divided into external and internal.

External wiring provides power supply to the household of the cables or overhead lines.

Internal wiring provides electricity distribution and supply all over the households with the wires and cables through.


Computer systems is an integral part of safe and secure environment , we offer high-quality computer systems for different tasks.

Our services include:

  • Computer and hardware sale
  • Compliance for different purposes and needs
  • Advice on computer use
  • Customer service

Every system requires high-quality maintanance to be more efficient. Service works includes system checks,diagnostics and replacement of damaged elements. Fire detection/notificationand alarm systems requires mandatory inspection in order to ensure quality performance.

Systems which are advised to take the service:Security and safety systems

  • Access control systems
  • Video surveillance and number recognition systems
  • Computer and telephone systems
  • Notification and sound systems
  • Smoke exhaust systems

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